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Densified strand-woven technology combined with naturally durable bamboo create a one-of-a-kind tough flooring.

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Bamboo is Simply Better

Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than wood. Strong, durable and versatile, bamboo is more resilient than products made from popular wood such as oak, maple and teak. In China, USA and France, there are homes made entirely of bamboo that are certified as earthquake and cyclone resistant. Click here to learn more about bamboo

Haku Wood Technology

Haku Wood combines locally-sourced raw materials with European design and manufacturing standards. The naturally strong bamboo goes through Densified Strand Woven process, resulting in an extra-sturdy product.
The company then adds 10 layers of UV-inhibitor paint for extra protection and deeper colours, creating flooring products that endure the test of time.
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Installation and Maintenance

Haku Wood Bamboo Flooring tongue and groove design makes installation easy. It can be installed in virtually any room: above or below ground, over wood, OSB, or existing vinyl flooring.
To clean Haku Wood bamboo floors, all you need is a dry mop or a slightly damp one to mop up spills.
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All Haku Wood Bamboo Flooring products are under a no-nonsense 25 year warranty


Haku Wood products are competitively priced.
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