Interior Design #12 – Getting Industrial to Work

Exposed air ducts and steel beams, unfinished brick walls – the industrial look for interior design is great when done right, but pulling it off is not as simple as you might think. If it’s not done right, instead of looking spacious and airy, your space ends up looking cold and barren.

We’ve found that interior designers follow these 3 tips to get the industrial look just right for them

First, a little background.

The industrial interior design is common for decorating lofts and old buildings transformed into living or commercial spaces, but it can be used for traditional houses and apartments, as well. The aesthetics became popular in the late 2000’s, and still remain relevant today. The main idea behind this style is to create an illusion of rough surfaces and materials that share a shadow of historic past. The look works well for both homes and hip working spaces.

But how can you make sure the space still feels homey and welcoming? After all, you’re looking to build an industrial “look”, not building an actual factory.


Make your interior look like an industrial gallery by bringing artwork to express your personality and creative design style. When it comes to decorating the warehouse interior with pieces of art, you have to stand up on boldness: painting an exposed brick wall with bold symbols, or even murals will make an instant access in your living room or bedroom.

Vintage and Recycled Decor

Look to reclaimed metal, wood, and building structural members used in barns, warehouses and older buildings that are soon-to-be demolished in your area. Rustic coffee tables, tufted Chesterfield sofas – you can opt for a lighter, chic look or a darker, antique design. You can go chrome and black or go with copper tones.

Natural Wood Accents

Bring earth tones and natural colors to balance out the abundance of metal on ceilings, staircases and windows. Consider using wood furniture or adding some wood panels on the ceiling. Of course the easiest way to bring warmth (and improve acoustics) in the room is to cover the largest area of the room with natural materials. The largest area in a room is of course: flooring.

Rustic wood floors usually go well with the industrial look. So do any of the darker types of wood flooring. Consider also using a stronger and more environmentally friendly option to hardwood floors: bamboo flooring.


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